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Tel Aviv fishing trips on a luxurious yacht

Private fishing cruises on a modern and luxurious yacht. The fishing trips are private and suitable for families or groups of friends (up to 6 participants). The fishing trips are excellent bonding experience, especially for father and son experience.

No need to bring a thing. All the equipment needed for fishing will wait for you on the yacht, just come with good vibes and be ready to catch some fish! No previous fishing experience, equipment or license required. We take care of everything for you!

If you love the sea and looking to combine a professional fishing experience with a well-equipped and luxurious yacht, Fishing Tel Aviv is just the place for you! We offer fishing trips that includes quality fishing equipment and personal training.

Drift Fishing

Drift fishing is done by allowing the wind and current to move the boat across the water while dragging baits or lures. 

The fishing takes place in about 40 meters sea deep. The target fish is a small red fish  (between 10-25 cm)  very tasty, especially in frying.

This fishery is suitable for new and inexperienced fishermen who look for a special fishing experience. In this method the chance of catching fish is very high.

Fishing is done by using a special short rods that are suitable for boat fishing. We we will provide the rods and all equipment. 


Trolling is method of fishing in which a lure or a bait is pulled behind a boat at varying speeds and depths.

When a fish is caught, we can hear a special noise of buzzing, once your hear this noise – you get addicted to it  and you spend the rest of the trip (as well as the next trips)  expecting to hear it again.

The target fish in this fishery are mackerel, Tuna and Dorado. Of course, the fishing is done according to the season of each fish. We only go out to the sea when its proven that there are fish in the area .

Eli Weingarten


Since I was 4 years old, I loved and practiced fishing. I started fishing on Saturdays in Jaffa Harbor when my parents left me with an old Arab fisherman who taught me the basics of fishing. Since then I have been a fishing all my life  for my enjoyment and for a living.

My professional maritime experience includes countless practical sea hours. I learned sailing on a variety of boats and yachts. I have seven years of experience as a skipper. during those years I worked at a yacht club in Israel, gained a great deal of skill in yacht maintenance and trained several skippers courses. In addition, I have a great deal of seniority in international cruises,  as a guide and in bringing boats from abroad (delivery).

You could say that in the recent years I have been living and breathing the sea, during my vacations I rent yachts overseas… whether it for fishing or cruising. I am always happy to get to know new people.

To me, the sea, which most people do not even know, is a whole world that exists in parallel to the land. I see an important goal and even a mission, to make people who are not familiar with the sea a pleasant and fun experience.



Amazing experience! Eli is" the best! We celebrated a bachelorette party on the boat and had so much fun. Would definitely recommend to my friends. Thank you Eli 😊❤️ "

Amit Rose


"Beautiful, clean & well equipped yacht. Professional & welcoming skipper. If you're looking for some good, relaxing, romantic and enjoyable time- this is the best place to combine them all in one 😉 ❤"

Nofar Shainberg


"Excellent experience, highly recommended. Very pleasant Boat and captain. Makes you feel at home the minute you board. "

Jorge Diener

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